Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Praising God When You Don't Think You Can

I thank you for your prayers, and ask that you keep it up.  We are in a holding pattern right now, still unsure what the future holds.

That uncertainty can be a killer.  It's so easy to get caught up in the "what-if's" and, before you know it, you find yourself in this darkness that consumes you.  I have a tendency to wallow in despair and self-pity from time to time.  As a matter of fact, I just recently climbed out of that pit.

I am not going back in, not now.  Hopefully not ever.

The bible tells us that we will have hard times, but in different translations we are told to take heart, have courage, and be of good cheer.  In John 14:27, Jesus says not to let our hearts be troubled or to be afraid.  Paul instructs us to "rejoice always."

And for me and Edie, we are finding solace in Isaiah 43:1-4, where God promises to be with us in the trials we face. (Just in case you're wondering, we did not have a fire.)

Don't think it will be easy.  Many of my praises have been choked out with sobs and bathed in tears.  But I'm trying to sing praises anyway.

If you find yourself in a difficult time right now, may I ask that you join me in praise?  I have embedded a few songs below that help me to draw closer to God and find some praise when I can't seem to conjure it up on my own (some may just be a motionless photo accompanied by music, while others are actually videos).  I hope they will work for you as well.

And please, please - if you are discouraged about anything right now, would you let me know, so that I can pray for you?  Perhaps we can just pray for one another.

Now, go get your praise on!

Avalon: I Survive

Casting Crowns: Father, Spirit, Jesus

Chris Tomlin: Amazing Grace

Francesca Battistelli: Beautiful, Beautiful
(I can't embed it, so here's the link:

 Hillsong: Mighty to Save


Bethany said...

"I've never seen the rainbow til after the rain, and I've never known his healing power til I've felt the pain. I've never seen the sun rise til after the night, and I've never known the victory til after the fight!" Praying that joy comes in the morning for you and that in the mean time you feel His everlasting arms around you!

Beth said...

Thanks, Bethany - you're such an encourager!

Mariel said...

just found your is lovely! I am returning---I'm your first follower :)

Beth said...

YAY! Glad to have you Mariel! And thanks for the follow :-)

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