Monday, January 24, 2011

Can you put it down?

I love books.  Well, let me rephrase that: I love words.  Books, magazines, blogs, even Coldwater Creek catalogs (have you read their product descriptions?  Love 'em!).  I would be totally content (if money was no object) to work in a library or bookstore.  I adore reading!

That being said, sometimes I find myself in a quandry.  It greatly distresses me when I pick up a book, invest some time into reading it, and then find that the book really doesn't grab me.

I attempt to put pen to paper occasionally myself, so I hesitate to judge.  I mean, some publisher somewhere found these words worthy enough to print.  I tell myself that if I just keep reading, I'll get to the good part (which sadly sometimes never comes).

If I do stick with a book, and in the end I still don't care for it, I feel like I wasted my time - like I was cheated.

That's my own personal dilemma, but I'm curious - if you don't like a book, do just give up, or do you finish it anyway?
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