Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Want To Do," not "Need To Do"

I have a "Want To Do" list a mile long.  So, should I:

  • knit on a baby gift?
  • quilt on a baby gift?
  • knit on another gift?
  • start a brand new quilt project?
  • start my next Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative Quilt-a-Month project?
  • read in the book I started last night?
  • work on designing that St. Patrick's Day project?
  • play Facebook games until my eyes cross?
  • read blogs until my eyes cross?
  • write a compelling blog post of my own? obviously that one's out :-)
  • go to bed early?
  • just watch TV until I fall asleep because my brain is mush?

OK, it seems I am beyond the point of writing anything cohesive, so I will bid you adieu :-)  I veered off my original list of what I want to do and starting listing things I'm most likely to do!

What's on your "Want To Do" list?
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